The cost to attend camp is $800 with tuition paid in full no later than June 17, 2017. This amount includes all room and board. For those applying in advance of the tuition deadline, only a deposit of $400 is required with each application. However, applications RECEIVED on or after June 17 must include the full tuition amount. If you are applying on or around June 17, and you anticipate that your mailed application will not be received by the deadline, you must include the full tuition amount. If final payment is not received by June 17, 2017, your space may be cancelled.

Full payment is required for applications received on June 17 or later.

We will continue to accept applications until the first day of camp. When camp sells out we will place you on a waiting list, if your application indicated this preference, and we will hold your deposit until there is an opening. Please be sure to fill in your waiting list preferences, near the end of the application, and indicate what the latest date is that you would accept notification of an opening.

Waiting List

Remember, the camp does sell out, and applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Once a particular section of camp is sold out, campers wishing to register can request to be put on our waiting list. At this time, applications for our waiting list are only processed via regular postal service with remittance by check. All tuition guidelines and deadlines as stated above fully apply to applicants wishing to be put on our waiting list. When an opening becomes available you will be notified immediately and registered. If you decline the position we will refund your money less a $100 administration fee. If you are on our waiting list and no openings become available by July 1, 2017 or by the date that you indicated on your application, we will refund all of your money.